Refreshing Tonic Bar Menu at the IKIGAI Restaurant

Refreshing Tonic Bar Menu at the IKIGAI Restaurant

You certainly need something refreshing to survive the summer heat!

The IKIGAI Restaurant is proud to present you the freshness of the East and invite you to try a unique tonic menu.

Imagine a large plateau with ice emitting pleasant coolness. And your ordered meal is placed on a dish in the very center of this plateau, which consists exclusively of products having a tonic effect.

Seafood, citrus, berries, fruits, and nuts placed in ideal proportions and taste combinations are transformed into light and bright dishes from the new tonic menu that will certainly help you get a boost of energy.

In addition to appetizers, the menu features original lemonades and exclusive iced teas origination in Japan and Taiwan.
Take the opportunity to visit the Ikigai Restaurant to check out the unique summer offer and experience excellent refreshing taste.

IKIGAI Restaurant

Phone: +380 (44) 537 4 537
Working hours: daily from 12:00 to 00:00
Address: 29 Pushkinska str., 01004 Kyiv