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The main secret of Japanese cuisine

lies in the right approach to the selection of products,elegance of serving dishes and attitude towards meal in general.

IKIGAI (ikigai | 生 き 甲 斐) is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being.” It is a sense of inner harmony that gives our lives meaning, special shade, taste, fullness and depth.
The harmonious mix of taste, quality of products, aesthetics and high level of service – all that you will feel in our restauran.

  • Original Kaiseki Menu, created with the assistance of Chef Yoshi Fujiwara
  • Rich menu of traditional and modern Japanese dishes
  • Fresh seafood
  • Teppan show

What people are saying about our restaurant

Japanese food is not only tasty but also very healthful. The selection and freshness of food are at the highest level at the «Ikigai» Restaurant. It is a lovely and cozy restaurant in the center of the city.

Julia Kopytkova

CEO DetoxShop Nutritionist, at HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL

Wonderful staff! There is always a feeling that they were waiting especially for you! The cuisine deserves special praise. Always fresh ingredients and delicious light sauces.

Elena Kravets

actress, "Studio Kvartal-95"

For us it is a pleasure to visit «Ikigai» Restaurant; sometimes we hold business meetings here. The restaurant’s cuisine is at a high level. We are very pleased that Ukrainians love Japanese food.

Michio Harada

Deputy Head of Mission Minister-Counsellor, Embassy of Japan in Ukraine

Best Offer

Try our delicious Chef’s specials!

Soba Noodles
Buckwheat soba noodles, cooked on teppan grill with tiger prawns, squid and vegetables in a refined sweet & sour sauce.
King Shrimps Cooked on Teppan Grill
King shrimps fried on teppan and garnished with shiitake mushrooms, champignons, sweet pepper and green onions. The originality of the serving is accompanied with two sauces.
Baby Squid Salad with Yuzu Dressing
The dish is made of lettuce with yuzu dressing, creating a perfect mix with a grilled baby squid.
This Japanese traditional broth with egg jelly, tiger prawn, scallop and eringi mushroom, is one of the main components of the Kaiseki menu, where taste meets the art
Dobin Mushi
This light broth with cooked mussels, sweet shrimp, eringi mushroom and slices of lemon in a traditional Japanese pot serves as a fine aperitif for any gourmet and admirer of Japanese cuisine.
It is a worthy dish from Kaiseki menu. Agemono consists of a belly of bluefin tuna with avocado fried in tempura, as well as shiitake mushroom stuffed with delicate balanced minced seafood with vegetables. A strawberry in tempura drizzled with caramel is a striking tasty focus.
Black Cod with Miso Sauce
Black cod is regarded as the queen of fish. However, our chefs turn it into the gentlest delicacy. Black cod baked fillet with miso sauce is a decent meal accompaniment.
Roll with Marbled Meat
Roll with marbled meat, carrots, asparagus and yakitori sauce for the most sophisticated lovers of Japanese cuisine.

Our philosophy of Japanese cuisine

Only the best and selected products deserve the honour to be served on the table.

Ikigai Team


Restaurant’s interior has been designed by the principles of simplicity and naturalism, that combines European comfort and Japanese minimalism.


Restaurant Ikigai