Traditional Japanese pots – donabe

In the Ikigai restaurant, we use traditional Japanese pots – donabe, which literally means “clay pot” in Japanese.
This unusual pot is made from a special material of porcelain stoneware, which by its properties resembles ceramics. The donabe is glazed on the inside and porous on the outside side.
The tank in the lid creates a water compaction, trapping smoke and moisture inside, thereby minimizing the amount of wood chips needed to create a smoky flavor.
Donabe is often used for cooking smoked meat over an open fire. It is possible to smoke poultry, meat, fish, seafood and vegetables.
Interestingly, in traditional restaurants (Ryotei) of Kyoto, the oldest donabe are used for cooking only for honored guests.
In Ikigai you can try donabe seafood set or meat set. At the same time, the savory and delicate taste of such dishes can please even the most demanding culinary aesthetes.