Ikigai Restaurant’s new Dim Sum Menu

Dim Sum is the latest fashionable dish on offer in Kyiv—Cantonese dumplings in the most varied shapes, fillings and colors. This light and delicately exotic dish has already conquered the appreciative hearts of experienced gourmets!

Dim Sum is a kaleidoscope of new flavor sensations that will definitely put you in a great mood!

Dim Sum can look like little Ukrainian varenyky, Turkish manty or Siberian pelmeni. Some are shaped like tied sacks, others like little pots slightly open at the top, making them quite decorative.

Dim Sum can be boiled or fried, but most often they are steamed.

Come to the Ikigai Restaurant and try Dim Sum with:

  • King Crab
  • Chilean Sea Bass
  • Chicken & Prawn
  • Shrimps Har Gow
  • Pork Sui Mai
  • Lamb
  • Mixed Seafood Dim Sum
  • Vegetable Dim Sum
  • House Dim Sum with chicken, shrimps and foie gras
  • Fried sea scallop and truffle money bags

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